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Deuteronomy 24:1 If a guy marries a lady, but she gets to your because the guy finds some indecency

Deuteronomy 24:1 If a guy marries a lady, but she gets to your because the guy finds some indecency

He might create the lady a certification of divorce or separation, hand it to this lady, and submit their from his home.

Deuteronomy 24:4 then the spouse whom divorced the lady initially might not remarry this lady after this lady has started defiled, for that try an abomination for the LORD. You mustn’t deliver sin upon the land the LORD your own goodness try giving you as an inheritance.

Psalm 106:38 They shed innocent blood–the blood regarding sons and daughters, who they sacrificed with the idols of Canaan, and secure is contaminated with blood.

Jeremiah 2:20 “For long in the past you broke their yoke and tore down your own organizations, saying, ‘I will maybe not provide!’ Without a doubt, on every high mountain and under every green forest you set down as a prostitute.

Jeremiah 4:1 “for a moment get back, O Israel, return to Me,” declares the LORD. “for a moment remove the detestable idols from My sight and no longer waver,

Jeremiah 22:20 increase to Lebanon and cry on; shout out in Bashan; cry out from Abarim, for all of your lovers being crushed.

Lamentations 1:2 She weeps aloud within the night, with rips upon their face. Among all the girl devotee there isn’t any someone to comfort the lady. All her friends posses deceived the girl; they have become their enemies.

Ezekiel 16:26 You prostituted yourself with your lustful next-door neighbors, the Egyptians, and increased your promiscuity to trigger us to outrage.

Ezekiel 16:28 then chances are you prostituted your self making use of the Assyrians, because you were not however pleased. Even with that, you had been still unhappy.

Hosea 1:2 whenever LORD first talked through Hosea, the guy told him, “get, need a prostitute since your spouse and now have children of adultery, as this land try flagrantly prostituting it self by departing from LORD.”

Hosea 2:2 Rebuke your own mummy, rebuke her, for the woman is maybe not my spouse, I am also maybe not their partner. Allow her to get rid of the adultery from her face while the unfaithfulness from between the lady bust.

Hosea 2:5 with regards to their mom has played the harlot possesses developed all of them in disgrace. For she considered, ‘i shall follow my personal devotee, just who render me breads and liquids, wool and linen, oils and drink.’

Hosea 2:7 she’ll pursue the girl lovers yet not get all of them; she will search all of them not see them. Next she will say, ‘i am going to come back to my very first spouse, for however is best off than now.’

Zechariah 1:3 So determine the individuals this particular is what the LORD of offers says: ‘come back to Me, declares the LORD of Hosts, and I also will go back to you, states the father of offers.’

It is said, If a guy store their wife, and she move from him, and turn into another mans, shall he return to the girl once again? shall not too area become significantly polluted? however posses starred the harlot with many devotee; however return again if you ask me, mentioned the father.

Deuteronomy 24:1-4 When a guy hath used a girlfriend, and hitched this lady, plus it arrive at move that she discover no favor in his vision, because the guy hath receive some uncleanness in her own: then permit your compose the lady an expenses of divorcement, and give they in her hands, and send the girl off his housea€¦

Jeremiah 3:9 therefore concerned pass through the lightness of the girl whoredom, that she defiled the land, and committed adultery with stones sufficient reason for shares.

Jeremiah 2:7 and I also brought your into an ample country, for eating the fresh fruit thereof

Leviticus 18:24-28 Defile maybe not ye yourselves in just about any of the items: for in most these the places become defiled which I throw before you decide to: a€¦

Jeremiah 2:20,23 For of old time We Have damaged thy yoke, and bust thy groups; and thou saidst, I Shall perhaps not transgress; when upon every highest mountain and under every green forest thou wanderest, playing the harlota€¦

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